CHA-New Pazzle Releases

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wowzers, I look like I've been MIA from my blog for a bit....sorry, it has been CRAZY BUSY. I just got back from CHA and I'm so dang excited about the new stuff from Pazzles, so I'm going to give you all an update so you can be excited with me.

Kloriginal Designs™ Presents Simply Steph in Volume 2 of the series. I LOVE Steph's designs, she is absolutely amazing. Here are just a few of the ones that will be on it. Each CD is complete with cutting files, assembly instructions, full color photos and more that will have you scrapping and cutting like a pro. Also, new to Volume 2, I have added AUTO LOAD for the Inspiration, so that it will install right to your Image Gallery...woo hoo. Of course, there will still be everything for the Mini, Pro and Mighty as well. I have also added cutting files that can be used with all the major computer driven cutting systems. Insturctions for cutting, assembly and embellishment, page maps for each layout and rights for use as class kits and page kits for resale. $29.95

The paper lace cd is great. These beatiful 12" x 12" overlays can be layerd over solid or patterned paper to create exquisite backgrounds for your pages. I also plan to make them smaller and use them for cards and other things. Don't worry Mini owners, I'm going to show you how to use them with your machine too. It us just a matter of cutting 2-6" x 12" pieces.
There are a 100+ lace overlays on this cd $29.95

Paper Petals is probably my 2nd favorite release (Kloriginals volume 2 is my favorite...*grin) With over a 100 flower cutting files, some just basic die cut flowers and others paper piecing, they are going to be great for adding that little touch to all your crafting projects. There is going to not be a need to have to BUY flowers in jars or in packages anymore, because you will have them all here...AND you can make them in any color you want....woo hoo $29.95

Due to popular request, Pazzles has rereleased TWO cd's, the Greeting Card one and the Word Book one. They now will auto load right into your Inspiration Gallery. They have added FULL COLOR photographs of all the cards, envelopes and word books in a printable PDF format. They are $29.95 each

If you have been a scrapbooker for alot of years, the name Vicky Breslin is going to excite you so much. Pazzles has released Miss Vicky's first Cut It Up CD. With her unique signature style, you will be creating pages in no time, she has included instructions for assembly, 3 exclusive fonts and even a video tutorial of embellishment techniques and of course, it will load into your Inspiration Gallery. $29.95

Pazzles LISTENS. For instance, when we all said we didn't like the security key with our older machines, they went ahead and built the key into the Inspiration machine for us, then of course, we wanted a key, so again, Pazzles listened and they have created Inspiration Studio™ On the Go. Whether you are traveling or simply like to create away from your desk, it is the perfect choice. Simply put the included key into one of your computer's USP ports to create and save your designs when your Inspiration isn't plugged into your computer. Of course, as always, you can create exactly what you want, from your high school's mascot to your own silhouette. You can use your favorite fonts that you have on your computer (or download free off the internet). Distort, weld and outline your designs to create even greater looks. Once you are done designing, save them and then when you get back to your cutter, you will be ready to cut it out. The Introductory pricing is ONLY $59.00

The Fabric Mat has a strong adhesive for when you want to cut 'hard to hold' materials such as fabric. (don't use paper on it...I 'heard' that it will ruin your mat, because the paper never comes off...OF COURSE, I have NEVER done this, so I don't have any "FIRST HAND", I would NEVER do that.....okay, okay, I would do it...but it was all in the name of testing for YOU, so you don't fall into that silly little trap....*grin....and that is my story, and I'm "sticking" (and I do mean STICK) to it....*grin) It has been redesigned to work wonderfully in the Inspiration, Pro and Might models. $13.50

The Embossing mat has a plush surface or in Klo words, "it's squishy", that allows for deeper embossing or piercing. It is strongly suggested that you use this with the embossing tool and the piercing tool. It has been redesigned to work wonderfully in the Inspiration, Pro and Might models. $14.99
Speaking of the PIERCING TOOL, it has also been released for the Inspiration along with the DISTRESSING TOOL. I don't have pictures of them yet....but they look very similar to the ones that work in the Pro. They both retail for $39.95 each

I'm Home.........physically anyway

Saturday, July 05, 2008

I'm home and I'm finally unpacked. I just looked at the date of my last post and just about croaked. I have been doing SO MUCH since then. I will share some of my vacation photos, new puppy photos and some NEW tutorials here over the next few days (hopefully hours...*grin)
I've decided to do a vacation book, so I'm sure I will be adding more cutting files to my store site too.
And JUST IN CASE, that isn't enough, I'm working on Volume 2 of Kloriginal Designs CD, to be released at CHA in about 2 1/2 weeks....PLUS, Sunday night, it will be LIVE VIDEO class night. I don't know what the 'class' is about yet, so if you have anything you would like to know specifically, let me know.