Gingerbread House

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I have been having so much fun learning to create boxes.  As I was creating a box a few weeks ago, I 'saw' it as a Gingerbread House.   And to make it more fun, Chris from Pazzles just shared an adorable Gingerbread House Box over at the Pazzles Craft Room, so be sure and check it out as well.

Here is the one I did

if you would like the cutting file for this

It is time for the Holidays

Thursday, November 25, 2010

What do you have on your gift list?  I started thinking about what I would like this year and realized, I have it.  As many of you know, I have had a Pazzles machine since they first came out.  I started out with the Pro machine and had a Mini as well.  I also had a Mighty (Pazzles sent me to learn, since I was traveling for them at the time and needed to be able to answer questions).  Now I have an Inspiration.  It is my favorite.  Yes, I still have the other ones, but they are in boxes and sitting in storage, because my Inspiration does EVERYTHING all of those did and more.

I bring this up, because of the wonderful Promotion that Pazzles is running.  If you have been wanting a Pazzles Inspiration, but have been unable to get it, now is the time.  If you click here, you can see how to get your own Inspiration for $99* or $199*.

Here is an idea for those of you that have the Inspiration, but would like to have the Pazzles Craft Room.  Why not sign up for the Craft Room for yourself and give the Inspiration to a friend, sister, daughter, mother, daughter in law, etc for the $99* or $199. Click here and make everyone have a Happy Holiday.



Inspiration + Pazzles Craft Room 1 Year Commitment


Inspiration + Pazzles Craft Room 2 Year Commitment


Plus shipping and first month’s subscription. Offer subject to the terms and conditions of the Pazzles Craft Room. Must complete entire subscription term to receive stated discount. Failure to complete subscription commitment will require that the full MSRP price for the Inspiration® minus the original purchase price be remitted to Pazzles®. Details available in terms of use and addendum presented prior to completing purchase. Offer only available to residents of the United States of America. Additional shipping required for residents of Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands.

Ladybug File

Monday, November 22, 2010

I was asked by a friend to clean this file up, so I thought I would share it with you.  It is a perfect file to do in vinyl.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Silly Turkey Class----How to assemble and cut this project from the Pazzles Craft Room

Basic Shapes and Manipulation---Basics on creating files.

Free Mad Tweety and Pilgrim Snoopy

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I have been scrapbooking with Steph and Barb this week.  Here are some files that I created and then Barb put together.   We have decided this is a great system.  I can create files and then SEE them cut nicely and put together and Barb can use them for different kits and layouts she does.  Steph is doing the same thing as me.  What is nice, if it is a file I can't use for the Pazzles Craft Room, you will get it here for free.   
For your FREE cut file....CLICK on the PHOTO of your choice.


3 New Classes

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

We have had THREE more wonderful classes...thanks for everyone that has been participating, your questions are wonderful and I love all the help we both get.


Cutting an Item Larger than your Mat & Card with Title on Side

Checking out the New Software-Inspiration Pro 2010

Creating an Envelope Class

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today's class was how to create an envelope to fit YOUR CARD, no matter the size...

Classes July 25-Sept 5, 2010

Sunday, September 05, 2010

I'm way behind on posting these, I apologize, it has been a CRAZY, BUSY month.

What I've been doing this week...My Studio

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Okay, I've been busy this week, redesigning my Studio, so I can work better in it.  I know I've been supposed to be working on other things, but I decided to do something for me.
Here are pictures of my past two rooms.  This one HERE is from my old house and this one HERE is what my new room looked like when I moved in, this one HERE was working on and creating it and this is what it looked like HERE when I finished it.   Now below is what it looks like now....I see a trend with red walls...LOL

Swirl Pop Up Card Class Part #1-Sunday 7-18-2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Here is the class we did tonight, I will complete the card in the Tuesday Class 7-20-2010 at 1pm USA-Central Time

If you would like to VIEW THE CLASS, please CLICK HERE
If you are unable to view it on line, you can DOWNLOAD HERE

'Homework' Sharing from last weeks 'Owl Card' Class

Saturday, July 17, 2010

In class, I challenged everyone to create a card using a dingbat are some of the wonderful cards.  Some of the people shared the cutting file in the wpc format.  Thanks so much for participating, I really enjoyed these.

Although, this was not done with a dingbat font or on the Pazzles, Ann shared her adorable 'Owl Card'

Joan did this adorable card with a Dutch Dingbat Font, she included the cutting file, so be sure and click HERE to get the file.

Pam M from CA jumped right in and did this adorable frog, she also included the cutting file, so be sure and click HERE to get the file

Vicki sent this adorable puppy, all it needs is drool and it will be the 'visiting' puppy I have at my house this weekend....LOL   Vicki also included the cutting file, so be sure to click HERE to get the file.

If anyone else has any projects they want to share, be sure and send them.  These are great and I love seeing what everyone is doing.
If the links above don't work, try the one below.

You are Invited

Here is a partial peek at what this weeks classes will be.   I will be teaching this technique 2 times, once on Sunday at 8pm USA-Central and once on Tuesday at 1pm USA-Central.

I'm not showing the complete picture or even the finished project, but it should be lots of fun and I hope you JOIN US FOR CLASS

Tuesday Class July 13, 2010---Owl Card/Pen Tool

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Click on picture to see class...

The Recovered Classes

Monday, July 12, 2010

Here are the classes that have been recovered, PLUS the last 4 classes, including last nights.  I am just listing them, to watch them, just click on the title and it will take you to the class.  Thank you so much for your patience AND help as I got these fixed and up again.  Be sure and read the entire list to get the ones you want.  If you find a link that doesn't work right or that is the wrong title, please email me at and let me know.  I have tried very hard to get them correct.

Need your Help

Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me out here.  For those of you that get emails of my blog, do any of you have the ones from a few weeks ago when I did all the classes?  If you do, can you forward them to me at
We have recovered the classes, but I'm working on getting them all titled, etc again and hoping that having that will make it a bit easier.
Thanks so much, Klo

Missing Classes

Monday, June 28, 2010

I accidentally deleted all of the Classes that I did in the last week, They are not recoverable so I'm going to be doing tutorials on the things we covered and also classes off and on this week while I'm home.  I will post a schedule of what classes I will have throughout the week.

Sorry for the mess up, I'm still getting used to the site.

Layered Paper Piecing

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Here is a picture of the Layered Paper Piecing that we did

So, I'm a Pilot now.......

Friday, June 18, 2010

Okay, so I got to fly a plane on Thursday....not just fly IN IT, I FLEW IT.

It was a Cessna 4 seater and OMG, it was so FREAKING AWESOME....

This is one of my Bucket List Items to do before I was 50 (will be 47 this year). Now I really want to get my actual pilots license.

I was in Mesa and flew through the Superstition Mountains and around Weavers Needle. I got to fly right around it. My sisters friend that took us did the take off (I got to do all the checks with him and 'drive' the plane down the air strip. He was going to let me take off, but i didn't feel quite confident enough with my steering yet. As soon as we were off the ground, I took control...OMG..IT WAS AWESOME (have I mentioned that yet?) We flew up the river and over Roosevelt Dam, then turned towards Weavers Needle and flew around that, and out to the front side of the mountains. We were in the air for about 1 hour. Then we got to do the approach to Falcon Field and I did the entire approach, calling into the tower, etc up until just 20 feet off the ground. Next time, I'm going to do the take off AND the landing. OMG, IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME....did I tell you that?????

Corner Rounder

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stork and Baby File

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I had the great opportunity to teach a one on one class to a very sweet lady from Kansas named Jackie.  She came up on Thursday and we worked on Thursday evening, Friday day and Saturday morning.  She was awesome and learned so much.  One of the things I taught her was to create a paper piecing.  She created on her computer as I created on mine and we worked through each step, anyway, here is my finished project and the files I created.  I hope you enjoy them. 

My apologies for not having the KNK format.  I finally found my key, but it won't work with Windows 7 (I hope to figure out a solution, in the meantime, please use the AI file.  Thanks)

Downloading and Saving with Mozilla Firefox

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thanks for asking about this Shash....

Dingbat fonts Tutorial

Adding the Special Touches with Chalk and Ink

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Here is a video on how I chalk and add details to give a dimensional look to my paper piecing. I did Cinderella from a color book I downloaded off of the Internet. I am not actually showing you how create the cutting file, but I am sharing the finished file with you. Just follow the link after watching the videos. Sorry for having a Part #1 and Part #2, unfortunately I can only upload 10 minutes or less, and this was 14 minutes. Thanks!

WPC-Pazzles, Funtime Software, etc

DXF-If you need to do a conversion

AI-Can be used by KNK users
KNK-Thank you are awesome
SVG-For SCAL and MTC users
GSD-Craft Robo, Silouette and Wishblade
I apologize for not having the KNK one available, I lost my key, so I included the AI file for those of you that needs it.

For the AWESOME dew drops, go to

Fringe Quilled Flower

Thursday, May 13, 2010

On the boards lately, there has been talk of how to create your own Fringe Quilled Flower (not sure if that is put in the proper order, but I hope you understand it...*grin) Anyway, I did a tutorial to show you how I do it. Hope this inspires or helps someone to create something fun and exciting.

Oki one Kanoki

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Many of you have met my sister, Diane at the shows I have been do. She is an artist and has taught Adobe Illustrator at FIDM aka Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (downtown LA) for 10 or 12 years...can't remember which, but it has been awhile.

Anyway, she created this character (among MANY others) and I just fell in love with him, so after GROVELING at her feet and BRIBERY, I got her to put it into a cutting file format for me. Some of you may have seen the page in the booth, but this is about an 18 inch vinyl cutout of Oki one Kanoki and he lives in my living room now.

Of course, I cut him out on my Pazzles Inspiration. Doesn't he look so cute next to my drums that I got in Africa last fall? Of course, the metal carrots are there for spring....or WAIT, maybe I will say that is what he eats...YES, that is the answer, that is why they are there...LOL
Now, I have added a few things to my living room that I got from Africa and I want you to be sure and NOTICE the lion and giraffe that is on top of the cabinet. Don't they look authentic?
This makes me happy, and I think I'm going to keep adding to my wall as I GROVEL and BEG for more characters from Diane, check out her art at

Creating a Magnetic Board

Monday, April 05, 2010

I picked up and bought a few old windows last fall and have been wanting to do something fun with them. Well, I created a magnet board and here it is. I still plan on making some fun magnets for it and maybe adding some creative touches, but here is the start.

My Studio (doesn't that sound so 'professional'...LOL)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

We are showing our craft rooms over at the Pazzles Craft room and I'm going to share mine there, but I needed to put my photos up somewhere, so I figured this was the perfect place. I have come a LONG ways from when I first started this.

I'm still going to be adding things, and I will try to update that here as I do, in the meantime, here you go

This is what it looks like when you come in the door.

This is my favorite thing. I got this piece at an auction for $1.00. I stained it and now it has things that are precious to me in it. A hat my Grandma made me when I was about 4 years old, my dad's harmonica, my Grandpa's Oil Pencils (he was a photographer), books from when I was very little. Just love this.

This is my closet. I took the doors off and built in shelves. I still have some work to do here, but it is workable now.
More of my closet, but I wanted to show the rod that is going over the top. This is where I put inspiration pieces. I just cleaned it off and will start adding other things. I also plan on putting words above this, I think I'm going to use 'Be Inspired' I haven't decided for sure yet.
This is where my friends (usually Stephanie) sit when they come over to hang out. I also have my printers over there and some 'office' stuff.
There is my favorite tool of all time, my Inspiration. It is under the AWESOME cover that Roxanne made is reversible and says Nebraska Cornhuskers on the other side. I also keep some of the cards and gifts that people have sent me on the shelves. They keep me inspired.
This is my area that I 'teach' from. Plus this is where I do my paperwork and all the fun stuff like that.
This is my scrapping/project area. I LOVE my room and spend most of my time here...if you don't believe me, ask my family.

Baby Shower File

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Here is a new file that I created and showed how to create in class on Sunday night. I have saved it in all the different formats so you can use it on your different machines.

Click to Download

New Tutorial

Hi everyone,
at the class on Sunday night, we were talking about using fonts without having to install them. Well, I was talking to Chris at Pazzles and she was actually in the process of putting one together and she just added it today to the Pazzles Craft Room. It is a FREE video and very well done. Because it is so well done, I won't be doing one on my blog, but will send you there.
It is under the Ka-Ching heading for todays blog update...or you can just go to Videos and The Fundamentals and it is there... it is at Pazzles Craft Room

An Inside Peek

Monday, February 08, 2010

I have had many people ask about the Pazzles Craft Room, so I decided to do a video and give you an inside look at what the benefits are. At the end, there is a 50% off discount for your first month if you want to check it out.

Go Visit the Pazzles Craft Room Today

Oh the Places You'll Go

Sunday, January 31, 2010

This is an awesome book that my dear friend made me...just CLICK HERE to check it out.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

We are having technical difficulties with the tutorials. In the meantime, you can see some of them at

They are not all there, but there are a few. I will try to get this taken care of as soon as I get back from California.