My New Studio-Office-Craft Room

Friday, March 01, 2013

I am so excited to share my new Studio/Office with you.  I am very fortunate to have had Shaun Peck come in and build this for me.  Shaun is my oldest granddaughters dad and he did an fabulous job.  His sweet wife, Tiffany also came and did a lot of the painting.  Thank you for my dream room.

Here is the closet.  The bottom shelf has my cardstock that I use regularly.  The second shelf has my idea books and the shelves above there has some odds and ends that are in the photo box.   There is also lighting in the closet, which is really nice when I'm looking for just the right paper.  The drawers and cupboards below are all 22 inches deep.
The cupboard on the right, I keep my pens and other items in here so they are easy to get to.
Pulls out so it is easy to get the stuff in the back

The cupboard on the left
Also, pulls out so I can get the stuff in the back

One of the really awesome pieces, I can pull this out, then just use the trimmer, then push it back in.  I love not having to move my cutters to a different place to be able to use.  This works great.
This is where I keep the things I want to be able to get to quickly and some of the things that don't have a regular place.  I love that the drawer comes completely out so I don't have to try and dig to the back of it.

Here are my pattern papers.  I have got them organized by company. 

This is where I keep my scraps, because they are organized, I find that I actually use them.

This is where my overflow of cardstock goes.  I have way to much paper.

More overflow, plus I have some kits that I have in the back.

I hang the bags here that I like to use regularly.  I also have a skirt hanger, I put my in progress projects in ziploc bags and hang them here, so they are easily available and I don't have to get everything gathered each time I want to work on a project, plus it makes it so I can put everything away when I don't have time to finish the project, so I can keep my room clean.

Next to the closet, I have some more photo boxes that have my ribbons in, plus all of my 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock is.  I am going to add a piece of art here that my sister did, but I haven't gotten that done yet.

This is probably the most amazing piece in my room.  I am going to add picture frames to this, but haven't had time yet.  I will attach the frames to the board, so that when it opens, they will stay attached.

This is my frame open.  I LOVE THIS piece, it is so nice, because it is counter height, so I can sit on my saddle chair or stand depending on my mood or what I am working on. 

I keep my paints and embossing powders (they haven't been added yet), plus other bottles that I want to be able to see and use easily.

If you would like to have one of these built and shipped to you, Shaun does take orders and will custom build one for you.  Send him at email and he can send you more information.

This is my 'windowless' seat.  Everyone thought I was crazy when I said I was going to add a bench, but it has been wonderful, because there is a place for people to sit and visit without having to go in the other room and bring in a chair.  I was able to put my shadow box above it, that is where I keep things that are very precious to me from when I was growing up.
This drawer below the bench has some of my odds and end items that I can cut on my Pazzles and that I use in my other crafting.

More things that I use with my Pazzles Inspiration, I love having everything easily accessible.

I keep finished pages here that I need to add photos to.  I also have some of my extra paper here as well.

I love my corner entertainment center.  It is so nice to have this at eye level.
Below the tv area, I keep a basket with my camera stuff in it, plus some extra jars with odds and ends.  I also keep my purse here (yes, the football is my purse), so I know right were it is at all the time.

This is Elora's house, she isn't in here right now, but I will share photos at another time when she is in here napping.

Just to the side is my file area.  Love having them at this height and so easy to get to.

I love old camera's.  My grandfather, that passed a way the year I was born was a photographer, so I'm thinking I must take after him, because I love camera's as well.
I love my desk, it faces out to my backyard and I love the window being right there with the natural light during the day.  I like the pull out for my keyboard and mouse and then two small drawers for things I need while I'm at the desk.

Hidden under my desk is a shelf that has a door, this is where all of my cords are hidden.  I love not having cords everywhere and being able to just close the door.
I really like the shelving to the right of my desk.  See my Pazzles with the red cover on it?  

I can pull out my Pazzles when I am cutting, but when it is not in use, it rolls nicely back into my shelving.  I love my Pazzles, it is so great having the best electronic machine available.

This drawer pulls out and has my office supplies and my 4 in 1 printer.  I love having all of this at my finger tips.

I have a little more office supplies her, as well as my ink refills.  I also have my large format printer here.  I haven't been able to use it a lot recently, because I didn't want to take the time to pull it out and hook it up.  Now it is always available and ready to use.  I love that.

The bottom shelf was not really big, but is perfect for keeping my mats for my Pazzles in.  It keeps them flat, but accessible.