Simple Welded Title Tutorial

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Grandmama said...

Thank you sooooo much. This was so much more helpful than the Pazzle Workshop. Please keep them coming or I am going to send my machine back.

gLynda said...

Klo ... what would we do without you? I'm right in there with Grandmama ... I vote for you to keep on doing these tutorials. I so appreciate the time you took to put these up. If you can't make the software work, we can't cut anything and it feels like a huge waste of money. Thank you so MUCH!

wmlateach said...


I agree with the others. I am new to scrapbooking, and the pazzles inspiration is my first cutting machine. My husband bought it for my birthday. I know my way around the computer pretty well, however, I am having a little trouble using the software effectively.
Thank you Soooooooo much for taking the time and effort to create these tutorials. I really really appreciate it!

spyder135 said...

Thank you for these beginner tutorials. All the toolbars are overwhelming and I forget where things are and what each are for. Baby steps and building blocks. Thanks for being my architect!