So there was this Historical Lighthouse....

Friday, June 20, 2008

And I wanted to see it, because it I have never seen one before...I don't think...(apparently if I have, it didn't leave much of an impression). Anyway, my friends, Stephanie, Jillibean and I had just left Mount Vernon (more on that at a later time) and were driving down this road and saw a lighthouse across the river. Well, on my GPS system, there was a Historical Lighthouse, so we figured, this had to be it....RIGHT???? I mean if the GPS system says HAS TO BE TRUE. Well, we followed all the wonderful turns to get us to the lighthouse and as we are about .4 miles from it (according to the GPS) we found THIS SIGN.

Well, not one to show defeat...Jill and I get out of the car and walk under the bridge. (Dodging joggers and bike riders along the way) Oh and Steph? Steph stayed in the car...which we thought was sad, because she would miss all the fun.

Well, as we get to the other side of the bridge, we see a sign that says 'Lighthouse' with an arrow pointing down a path. Jill and I can't decide if we should go down the path or not, because we don't know how far away it REALLY is...and we have been walking most of the day, and well, let's face it...we were verging on the edge of exercise here and that is something I don't do often. (BUT, that's another story) Well, this skinny lady comes up out of one of the construction trailers (oh did I mention that the bridge is under construction? If not, 'the bridge is under construction') and we ask her how far the lighthouse is. She says, oh it's just down there and across the soccer field, it's not far at all.

Well, I'm ready to opt out at this point (that whole almost exercise thing) and Jill says, "There is no damn way we aren't getting a picture, I'll go take it". So she takes off down the path. I'm standing there visiting with this lady and all of a sudden out of nowhere there comes a HUGE gust of wind, blowing up dust into our faces and the it just starts POURING buckets of rain....The lady and I jump back and as I'm trying to get back under the bridge. Another gust happens and a stop sign falls over and misses me by inches.

Well, Jill has been gone 3-4 minutes by this time and then there is this big roll of thunder, well it scares me and I'm thinking....I thought it was just down the freaking path where is she. Well, I got scared about Jill being down the path by herself in this storm and the rain coming down and the thundering, etc. So I looked at the lady and said, "I have to go find her, she is going to be scared" And I take off running down the trail (Picture this: Fat lady, running down walking path in pouring rain to rescue her is NOT a pretty sight) I have to SAVE my friend. Well, I'm walking down the path....and walking.....and walking.....and walking......................AND walking...well, you get the idea, it WAS NOT close. So it wasn't a 'little' like exercise it was 'alot' like exercise.
Well, I FINALLY get to the soccer field and I see Jill across the way heading back towards me. Now remember it is POURING this whole time. We are not talking about a nice gentle warm rain, we are talking BUCKETS of cold water. We both have our camera's tucked under our shirts to keep them dry....(kind of like leaving something in your pocket to wash and hope it stays dry...not hugely successful). I cut across the soccer field to get to Jill. And this is the conversation that took place.
Jill: It was a damn SHACK with a glass globe on top.
Klo: WHAT?
Jill: Yes, a damn SHACK with BOARDED up windows and a glass globe on top.

Klo: You have got to be kidding?

Jill: No, but I took stupid pictures anyway.

What a FRIEND. Can you believe she did this for me. Well, we began our 1/2 mile (yes, you read that correctly...the 'short' path was a 1/2 mile) trek back to the car. Still raining by the way.

Before we got to far, we realized we better take some pictures....since the camera's were really staying to dry under our clothes.

HOURS later...okay, maybe a few minutes later, we FINALLY get back to the car, and where the aforementioned Steph was.

Steph after the rain, nice and warm in the car.
Klo and Jill after the rain...DROWNED RATS...literally wringing water out of the clothes.

Well, we are determined there HAS to be another Lighthouse somewhere, because didn't we see one ACROSS the river??? Well, this guy was jogging by and Jill tries to stop him, to ask him about the one across the river. Well, he kind of jogs by and then realizes Jill was stopping him and he goes to stop and instead TOTALLY wipes out, his iPod goes flying and he basically lands on his face. He jumps up with the "I meant to do that" spring in his step, comes back and lets us ask about the lighthouse across the river. He says, "There is a lighthouse just down that path over there" pointing to where we had just come from. He then proceeds to tell us, the other thing we thought was a lighthouse is not one.

All in all, I don't really think I can consider this lighthouse a HISTORICAL lighthouse....however, maybe it could be a HYSTERICAL one. And the rain gave us a really pretty rainbow.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it...HOWEVER, if you would like to see JILL's Side of the story, go to her blog and read more on our adventures.


Anonymous said...

Scrapper chics in wet cloths...that's hot!

Donna said...

OMG you poor things

welcome to Va! LOL

The weather here amazes me! it is just like you said Nothing then the sky opens and POORS! then stops just as fast!

funny thing is 1/4 miles down the road will get not one drop!

its weird I tell ya!

wendy @licketysplitscrapbooks said...

OMG - you crack me up Klo, no one can tell a story like you! Wish I could have been there to see that run. LOL! Of course, my butt would have been in the car with Steph.

Cathyd*07 said...

Sounds like you had an adventure Klo, a very wet one!