Loading thicker Materials for Cutting Tutorial

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This is a quick tutorial to show you how to load a thicker material for cutting, so that you can do a duplicate cut without the worry of 'shifting'


Ive_Boricua_Girl said...

Great Klo.... I just cut a chipboard word album with no problems... now I do have a problem and hope someone reads this and help...I had used my machine to cut cardstock all the time no problem there but now as I want to decorate my word album I want to use some thin paper, the machine on the setting is not cutting all the way, if I change the settings it damages the papers. Changing the pressure is not helping. Someone help!!
Thank Klo for all your help as always..

alaina said...

been wanting to etch acrylic. . . perfect timing! thanks.

leamusic21 said...

I have a Pazzles mini that I purchased about a year ago. I wonder if your tutorial on cutting thicker materials refers to the mini or only to the Inspiration. In other words, can I cut thin chipboard by making several passes with my mini?