Mastering the Arc Tool Tutorial

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Here is a quickie tutorial to help you get a little better control on the arc tool.


Lana said...

Hi klo,
Just wanted to say your tutorials are sooooooooooo amazing!!!!!! I have had my pazzle a week and watched all your tutorials and found them so easy to understand and most helpful. I am now feeling confident enough to go and play. lol
A very BIG Thank you
Lana (UK)

mignonnie said...

Ooow Klo, that dreadful arc tool! I met him in an other tutorial, and couldn't get him in my fingers. But fortunately you made this tutorial, so I can start to understand how it works. However... The base line you draw, and which stays visible in your tutorial, always disappears when I practice: the base line changes into the arcs! So I only have a row of arcs, and no baseline anymore. Hmm, very odd...

mignonnie said...

I made a lovely snake line (curvy, swirly). There's so much possible. I love to play after I've seen a tutorial, and have a look at what applications are possible furthermore. Klo and my Pazzles: I love you both!