Smiles from a Clean Scrapbook Room

Thursday, March 26, 2009

So I spent the day cleaning. I threw away almost 3 trash bags of stuff....still trying to figure out how it got so out of hand...Guess I better start doing my 15 minutes like Flylady tells me to. (Maybe I'd better shine my sink before I go to bed....LATE, after not wearing shoes most of the day....OOPS...sorry Flylady, I back slid BAD)
Anyway, even though my room is not perfect, it is now manageable and I can work on some long past due projects. (ie Taxes...UGH)
I would love to hear of any suggestions to make my room better or just about things you like, etc. Here are the cleaner pictures....and of course, this time you can see Elora....LOL


Bridgette Scraps said...

Your room looks great! You found your Pazzles and your vert cute puppy to boot!

I have a Scrap Rack thatI really enjoy to organize my stuff. It's like a catalog rack that has pockets for all my embellishments.


Margie said...

looks great Klo great job

Sue Reynolds said...

Ok I'm impressed! And I also don't feel so bad about my messy craft room! But...why is there a book on cemetaries in your craft room???

Rosario said...

I do not speak English (google translate) but ... I know where you throw the trash!! I use something safe!