2010 Consumer Shows

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Show Dates Location Expo* Jan 15 - 17 Costa Mesa, CA

CHA Jan 22 - 23 CHA - Anaheim, CA

CKC Feb 5 - 6 Portland, OR

CKC Feb 26 - 27 Louisville, KY

Expo March 19 - 20 Pleasanton, CA (Bay Area)

SB USA Expo March 26 - 27 Salt Lake City, UT

CKC April 9 - 10 Collinsville, IL (St. Louis, MO Area)

CKC April 16 - 17 Mesa, AZ

Expo April 30 - May 1 Del Mar, CA ( San Diego, CA Area)

Mega Meet* May 6 - 8 Novi, MI

Expo May 21-22 Somerset, NJ

GASC* June 3 - 5 Arlington, TX

CKC ???? June 18-19 Riverside, CA

GASC June 25 - 26 Chantilly, VA

Expo July 9 - 10 Duluth, GA (Atlanta, GA Area)

Expo???? July 16-17 Puyallup, WA (Seattle Area)

CHA???? July 20 - 24 CHA / Summer Chicago, IL

CKC* July 29 - 31 Valley Forge, PA

Expo Aug 6 - 7 Santa Clara, CA (San Jose, CA Area)

CKC Aug 13 - 14 Charlotte, NC

Expo Aug 20 - 21 St. Charles, IL (Chicago, IL Area)

CK Aug 27 - 28 Nashville, TN

SB-USA Sept 10 - 11 Sandy, UT ( Salt Lake, UT Area)

CKC Sept 17 - 18 San Marcos, TX

CKC Oct 8 - 9 Kansas City, MO

Expo Oct 15 - 16 West Palm Beach, FL

Expo Oct 22 - 23 Ontario, CA

Expo Nov 5 - 6 Sacramento, CA

CKC Nov 12 - 13 Seattle, WA


Donna said...

Klo - who is the sponsor for the one in Duluth Ga in July?
I may actually go to a local one (shocking I know!) however you know I'll be at the one in Utah in September. My SIL may want me to switch to the spring one, however that one has a lot of b-day competition!

Klo said...

Duluth is a Scrapbook Expo one. That is probably the ONLY one this year, that I won't personally be at

Kim said...

Hello Klo I have watched your Tutorials every one of them for over a year now and you have helped me so much!! thanks for all the work you do to do them! But today I got on your blog and I can not play any of your tutoriald it just has a white box where the play screen should be I have done everything to find out what happen and had no luck can you please help me maybe you know what happen or what I may do to fix the problem! I can't live with out your tutorials for help with my pazzles!! I have watch others and yours is the BEST!! Really.

lilibug said...

hi,i'm new to tis..heard tat u give tutorial on pazzles..i cant seem to view any of your tutorial at your blog..just wanna find it,is it bcoz u removed it?