An Inside Peek

Monday, February 08, 2010

I have had many people ask about the Pazzles Craft Room, so I decided to do a video and give you an inside look at what the benefits are. At the end, there is a 50% off discount for your first month if you want to check it out.

Go Visit the Pazzles Craft Room Today


vickisscraproom said...

Hi Klo!
Was SO NICE seeing you in person at the Portland CK convention. I was the one who said I'm sorry if my emailing was bothering you... You assured me I wasn't. :-) Also you suggested I buy the "Beyond the Basics" cd. I'm going to be purchasing that and really looking forward to it and happy to know you will be able to direct me to the section of the cd that would help me for what I'm looking for! I'm also interested in this Pazzles Craft Room!!

Thank you so much for being a "real" person!!!


Angiegypsy said...

Hi Klo,

I was super excited to meet you at CK Portland. I am going to take the time to follow your tutorials and check out the Pazzles Craft Room to learn how to use my PI.

Thanks for the encouragement and the great videos.


Kristen, Kevin, Keyan & Kady said...

Hi Klo, I was the lady in Seattle last fall who bought 2 pazzles from you....anyway, I am trying to trace one of the dazzling reflections flowers after importing it into the pazzles software in JPG format. I'm not having any luck sorting it out and wonder if you have any ideas. I am attempting to make the flower card found on the dazzling reflections website. Thanks for any assitance.
Kristen McCrae