Electricity does wierd stuff

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Did you know that electricity has a 'vampire' in it? Even if something isn't turned on, as long as it is plugged in, it sucks electricity and can affect the way things run.

Why do I give you this odd little tidbit? Well, it affected my Pazzles machine yesterday and scared me. Fortunately, I had a wooden spike, a cross and some holy water, so the 'vampire' did not win.

What had happened, is a while back, I had accidentally knocked the 3-prong adapter out of my wall, causing a small separation in it, causing a short that I couldn't see and wouldn't show up until yesterday. What happened is, my pazzles would just quit working in the middle of a project and it was frustrating me, so I called Tatum at tech support and between her, Pete and I, we realized I was having an electrical problem. So I went and changed the adapter and now it is running perfectly again.

Interestingly enough, this did not affect just my pazzles, but it also affected my printer (which is now working right too). Soooooooooo, if your machines (any of them) all of sudden start acting weird when they were working before, unplug them and see if you need new plugs, surges, etc. And see if that doesn't help.

One more thing I'm going to start doing. When I shut down everything now in my office, I'm going to go ahead and unplug my 3 main chords, when not in use, and see if things don't just run better all the time...Plus, heck, it might save me some money on my electric bill, which means...more paper for me.