In the beginning....

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Well, I just spent the weekend in Ontario, California at the Scrapbook Expo. I worked in the Pazzles Creative Cutter booth, teaching and demoing the Creative Cutter. I have been doing this all over the country this year and have been having a blast.

The one single request I get at these shows is, "Can I just take you home with me?" (And while it has been very tempting to be 'adopted' a number of times, I decided I probably should still go home to my family.) Of course, they don't really want me, they want my brain to teach them how to use the cutter step by that brings me to my blog. I'm going to attempt to 'share my brain' and make it easier to learn all the little fun things that you can do, beyond the basics of the cutter. Of course, I will also talk about the basics.

Be patient with me as I figure out the world of blogging, so I can share my passion and love of scrapbooking and cutting with you. Maybe we will be able to share with eachother and learn things that we never thought possible.


kraftyladyincali said...

yay! I knew sooner or later we'd be able to to snag you into the wonderful world of blogging! =)

Edith said...

Loving the blog! LOOKS great!!!!