Using the Pen Tool-Part 1

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Using the pen tool is so much fun, here is a tutorial on how to put your pen in the machine and get the right depth without drag.


spyder135 said...

Thank you Klo, I now understand why I was dragging my lines and eating off the end of my broad tipped marker. Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

HI Klo

Thank you so much for all these information tutorials, with the hope that you will take this as constructive feedback, may I mention that some including this one, have the focus on the wrong place. Hence you are talking about how to set the pen tool and where it sits and all I can see is your hand, except at the very end when you show the cutting blade back in place

Also you have a tutorial which is titled evenly spaced rectangles, which is actually about swirls, its a great tutorial, just not about rectangles.

Thank you again for all your hard work creating these, I followed a trail of great comments on internet blog sites to find your website, and it was all worth the effort

best wishes

newbie pazzle owner

Anonymous said...

Hi Klo, This tutorial is just what I need, unfortunately I can't follow it as the camera isn't showing what you are doing and as someone who is new to the Pazzles I'm a bit confused. Is there any possibility of re-filming this so that we can see. Thank you soooo much.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I can't see what you're doing with the pen and the housing.

Carolyn said...

Hi Klo, Very new Pazzler! I couldn't see what you were doing're hands were zoomed right in...but I just changed my screen Zoom Level in the bottom right corner to 150% and could see perfectly well! Hope this helps someone else...Carolyn

Anonymous said...

It appears that the part of the video is blocked by the sidebar on the right of the page.
Unfortunately, this is where all the activity in the movie was taking place... so we cannot see what you were doing.