What can YOU DO with vinyl???

Sunday, August 23, 2009

So, in my Sunday night class {Sunday's at 8pm JOIN US} a few weeks ago, I gave out a 'homework' assignment. I mean school is back on, we may as well all get in on it...right?

Anyway, I have had a number of assignments 'turned in' and I wanted to share some of the things people are doing....from gifts, to decorations, to everyday functional...the sky is the limit.
Suzanne did these great wine glasses, what a great gift for the bride and groom. Plus it reminded me, I have to get my daughters done for her wedding.

Roxanne had a great use for her mail box....I NEED to do this at my new house, what a great idea.

Michelle did this for business...what a great use of her machine, and talk about saving LOTS of money.

Marjorie did the great words every kid needs to see, to remind them that they are awesome.

Deunna did the etching cream on these glasses, using vinyl as her 'mask'. She created an awesome set of glasses.

I already LOVE Halloween, and Cheryl just gave me another reason to love it. I can hardly wait to decorate my new house this year and use the decorations I have been collecting, but had no where to put them....PLUS, I have huge front windows...and they are SCREAMING for vinyl...thanks for the great idea

I love these ideas and would love to have everyone continue sharing.


MaGoooo said...

GREAT projects! Thank you for sharing!

Debora Quigley said...

I love this. A stupid question, though. Do you have to buy vinyl made especially for the cutter or can you buy vinyl at a craft store and use it?

RubyJunes said...

this may be a silly question, but what vinyl do you use for seasonal window decor that is re-useable? thanks!