Sunday Shutterbugs

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I have decided to join some friends of mine on a 'picture taking' extravanganza. We plan to post ONE photo a week that we have taken within that week, just to share and to learn from each other. I just got a Canon Rebel EOS Xsi camera (just in time for the wedding and my trip to South Africa). So I'm working on learning to use it and will share. If you want to join the fun, just go to
Sunday Shutterbugs and join the fun.

Here is my picture this week. I was just messing around to see how close I could get without an actual macro lens...and this is what I ended up with.


chunkygal said...

That is a fantastic picture! We bought a Canon Rebel years ago and it still takes great pictures, even though by todays megapixels standards it is a pipsqueak! I can already see a beautiful scrapbook page with that!

Anonymous said...

Klo, you and I have the same camera! So let me know if you have any questions....I just might have the answer! LOL


Anonymous said...

Klo I could not find you email but I thought I might be able to leave a comment here and you would get it. I am wanting to do a clear plate with etching but I want to put my text in a circle can this be done?