Puzzles for Holiday Gift Giving!!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Here is a puzzle I created for my grandson for one of his Holiday Gifts. Instead of using chipboard for this one, I chose to use acrylic.

I printed onto cardstock first, then I used a spray adhesive to attach it to the acrylic (Photo against the acrylic).

After allowing it to be good and dry, I put the acrylic on the mat face down. I cut in one pass with the Blade at 3, speed at 2, and Pressure 30. I then pulled the acrylic apart (instead of trying to pop it out) I find that I prefer this method over 3 passes. If you prefer to do more than one pass, so that it is completely cut, that is your choice.


Brens Designs said...

Wow! That is such a great idea!! What a cutie!

Katie said...

So many great ideas...so little time and money.. I can't wait to try some of these out.

Anonymous said...

You are AWESOME!

Corinna www.myscrapbooklife.com

April said...

Beautiful...love this...my dd loves puzzles...what type acrylic do I use?

Anonymous said...

Is my wife frigging awesome or what?
Thank you for all the love and support you give her.
Happy Anniversary Kloie! Still in love and having fun, let's shoot for 23 more yrs, it will probably whiz by like the first 23. Do you know how old we will be then? 69 DUDE! Well almost, anyway, thanks for a most excellent adventure Ted, uh, I mean Klo. How does mexican food and margaritas sound?
Your first dude of scrapbooking Jeffy
Why anonymous? Cause romance needs a touch of mystery besides a Steph Plum novel.