A Year in Review---All together...and DONE!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Here is the entire year in one post...I have typed about each page to let you know what techniques I used. Also, be sure to Watch HSN on Monday, December 22, 2008 at 10am EST. These pages will all be on the Pazzles segment.

January-for the snowman, I did simple circles, and then used the distortion tool to get more of an oblong look, and the snowballs...simple circles. I used fluid chalk to give my paper a little more color and then stickles to make my snow sparkly.

February-I used my freehand tool to draw the hearts. I just messed around with it until it looked like I wanted it to. I just used chestnut roan fluid chalk for this. I wanted to keep it simple.

March-The rainbow took a little time to figure out to get exactly what I wanted. I ended up using circles and using the tool to add as many circles as I wanted. Then I took my cut line tool, cut them in half and created each arc by itself. After doing it, I figured there were easier ways, but by then...it was done. It was fun to use a shiny gold paper for the coins and the title.

April-This started out as clip art, but took a drastic change after I messed around with it in the software. I finally got the look I liked. I used Crystal Lacquer on the boots and raindrops to make them look wet.

May-I used just basic ovals to create the petals and circles for centers. I inked the edges and stickles to add a little pop.

June-This page is actually created by my good friend, Simply Steph. These are pieces that are actually off of her Summer Fun page that is on the Kloriginal Designs presents Simply Steph CD Volume 2

July-I had so much fun creating this one. The watermelons are 1/2 circles and then layered. I cut the "seeds" out of the red paper and then backed it with black. After that, I used crystal lacquer, it makes it look real.

August-I used my free hand tool and drew all these pieces, except the shovel and bucket. I created a series of squares and rectangles to create them, then used my corner rounder to fix it.
The sandcastle is a series of rectangles, then i used the replace segment by arc to get the castle look. I really love that the fluid chalk gives the sand dimension.

September-This is another page by Simply Steph. She and I are in the same swap and she did this absolutely amazing page.

October-I used ovals for the pumpkins and then layered them. The frame with vines is from the Pazzles Lace CD. I just love that CD, it has some great designs on it.

November-The pumpkins were ovals that i welded together, then i distorted them. Of course, I love the fluid chalks...between that and pens, you can really get some great dimension.

December-I wish you could really see the dimension with the poinsettia's. I used the free hand tool to do the leaves/petals. I did one, then duplicated it, mirrored one of them and got the look I wanted.

I really loved doing these. I hope you enjoyed them too.


Pam said...

Klo, I love all of these, BUT my favorites are June and December!!!


Katie said...

wow...just..wow...please tell me this will be a cd..cuz I can't freehand a stick person..


Brens Designs said...

Awesome! They are all beautiful; but, I absolutely love Sept and Dec. As always... Great work!!!

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful! Thanks so much for explaining how you did them. You are a very gifted teacher.


Anonymous said...

These are BEAUTIFUL!!! I actually taped the HSN show and was excited to see your wonderful work displayed! You are truly talented! And I agree with the other comment....please offer these on a CD!!!