Quick Weigh In Results

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

This week is kind of a hard week to check in. I gained 1.2lbs this week. I'm not stressing about it, because I'm still doing everything right. I know that good sleep is needed (I had a 40 hour period with only 10 hours of sleep last week), plus I know that flying can mess with your weight and really felt that I was going to maintain or possibly gain. But I'm going to keep on keeping on.


Alaina said...

Good for you for not getting discouraged. You never know it could be muscle and it weighs more than fat. It's all about the way you look and feel. Go KLO!

Jamie S said...

Don't worry! Drink LOTS of water right now - flush your system. You are probably retaining fluid from flying - I know I always do.

faddisfamily said...

Keep at it, Klo! I have about 50 lbs to lose and have been watching what I eat and slowly adding in some workouts and after 3 weeks, I've only lost 3 lbs. But hey I figure down is down! I get very discouraged and have to remind myself to keep my end goal in sight. I have been out of shape for 20 years and am sick of not looking good!

Louise said...

Hi Klo,

I was sent to stay with my husband 6 weeks ago where he works. My blood sugar was in the diabetes' range, I was put on high blood pressure meds and what I didn't know because my blood tests were not back before I went was I had kidney and liver damage plus very high cholesterol even though I am on medication to bring it down. I also have always had a very slow metabalism made worse with thyroid disease. Don't you just love the genetic stuff your parents pass in?
I was told by my doctor to learn to sleep more than 4 hours a night, to learn to eat more than once a day, to turn off my computer, rest and walk. I am not and never have been an eater but what I do eat is healthy. I was only eating one meal a day after 5PM. I did not feel very well and I decided enough I was taking time for me for once in my life.
I now eat 6 meals a day, I sleep longer and I exercise a little, this will increase when I am ready.
Six weeks later after eating all of that food I am 20 pounds lighter and I have never been able to move weight this fast. My cholesterol is lower than it has ever been in my life, my blood sugar is in the low range, blood pressure is normal and I have no liver or kidney damage left. I feel really good and I am still losing more than 2 pounds a week.
There is no sugar, salt or fat in my life other than what occurs naturally in foods or a small amount of olive oil or advocado a day. But there wasn't before, never liked salt or much fats in anything, never put butter on a sandwich because I never liked it. I also had to learn to eat carbs, we have never been friends but we are now. I am basically stuffing myself with fresh unprocessed food, fruit, fish, lean chicken, grain bread only and very lean beef once a week.
I don't drink coffee because I can't or alcohol. I only drink lots of water and very weak tea. Always start each day with a large glass of water to wake up my thirst so I want to drink all day. I also fly a lot and from when I board to when I get off I am drinking water continually, I think they have it printed in my flight records, lol. Do not let me run out of water.
There is a lot of food I really love in what I eat and I have learned to love others I thought I never would I even crave them now.
All I can say is do not worry about your gain. You had an unusual week and will probalby lose it plus more the next. From what I have learned eat more often and drink more water to kick start your metabolism.
I made up my own diet by knowing what I couldn't eat. I am still shocked at how well it is going and how healthy I feel. I am happy to share just what I eat in a day if you want to know and I am still eating when I go to bed, lol.
Take care and keep going.

Gibson_girl5 said...

1.2 lbs is nothing Klo - As you said, keep on keeping on! It's most likely water retention from your travels anyway - Get some rest and drink plenty of water. Keep your eye on the prize at the end.


Anonymous said...

Your stalker is so proud of you! Keep up the great work!