My Scrapbook Studio-Part 3 THE DESK

Sunday, July 26, 2009

You know how you have these great ideas...and that in your mind, they should only take a few hours to complete....then reality sets in and you realize you have NO JUDGMENT on how much time it ACTUALLY takes...Thus is the story of building my desk.

The plan:
Buy Counter Tops and add legs to them to put on three walls in the room. Time to make 4 hours.

What actually happened:
1. Measure the walls to determine the counter top sizes I would need.
2. Go to buy counter tops, only to find out that they don't make all the sizes I want with mitered corners and that it would be a special order and quite costly.
3. After 3 trips back and forth (over a 2 day period) with measuring, etc decide to not use mitered corners, so buy the counters I will need 2-6 foot ones, 1-4 foot one and 1-8 foot one.
4. Go home and realize I forgot the legs
5. Back to the store
6. Go to lumber department to find 'legs'
7. Found them, purchase them and have them cut out the 12 legs cut so each counter has 4 legs (you may want to do the math at this point...4 counter pieces with 4 legs each...I KNOW, I wish I had done the math too)
8. Take my 12 legs home, sand and stain them.
9. Realize that 4 counter pieces that with 4 legs each is 16...NOT 12.
10. Back to the store
11. Go to lumber department to find more legs
12. Find them, have the last 4 cut.
13. Take them home and stain them.
14. Let legs dry overnight.
15. Go double check my measurements one more time to make sure the counters will fit right. Realize that I need 3-6 foot counters and 1-8 foot counter.
16. Take 4 ft counter back, get the 6 foot counter
17. Realize my math is still 'slightly' off.
18. Take 8 foot counter back and get the 4 ft counter.
at this point, it has been 3 days and about 7 trips to the much for my 4 hour project...Ugh
19. Determine the bolt size and other pieces I need.
20. Go to store to get them (I have NO clue why I didn't get them with the lumber)
21. Get home and realize, this is NOT what I wanted.
22. Go to store and get some screws.
23. Get home and realize I got the wrong ones.
24. Go to the store and the the CORRECT ones
25. Get home and realize I should probably have some washers to make sure they don't go all the way through.
26. Go to store and get washers
27. Go home and measure once again. I need to saw off 6 inches off of 2 of the 6 foot counters so they fit the way I want.
28. Get out my saw...won't cut all the way through, because it is wrong kind.
29. Go to store and get right kind of saw blade
30. Go home and saw them....wooo hooo time to assemble
31. Get out level and measuring tape and put my shelves together and attach to wall, with Elora's help it only took me an additional hour over the 50 zillion hours prior.
32. Realize, I should probably put on center supports.
33. Back to the store (no there's a SHOCKER) get the brackets
34. Go home and install them. TA DONE

So here are some pictures of the process and the counters with stuff piled on them...I'm pretty darn proud of the way the look and that have 21 feet of counter space in my is definitely taking shape.


Anonymous said...

Klo, I love the fortress you made to protect your P-Touch Label Maker.

(see middle picture)


Klo said...

One can NEVER be too careful....LOL

Bobbie said...

you sound like me when I was planning for my 'studio'. I can fully understand the zillion and two trips to the hardware store.

Gail said...

Oh Klo you are hillarious! You had the right shirt on "got Moxie" it looks you want to do mine?