Closing on the house and moving day #1

Friday, July 17, 2009

I went to bed at midnight the night before closing, so I could wake bright eyed and bushy tailed (kind of like a opposed to a SWIRL....{that's for you Roxanne} *grin) So finally, at 3 am I fell asleep, only to wake up at 5 am for a potty break. Of course, I went right back to bed and finally decided at 7 am, I might as well get up and do some packing. Yep, that's right, I got a GRAND TOTAL of 2 hours of sleep the night before our closing. I actually think that may have been a little more than I thought I would get since I was just a 'little bit' excited.

Anyway, Jeff and I decide we are going to run to the store and get some cleaning supplies, so that we can leave the closing and go straight to the house and wipe out the cupboards and a few areas before the move starts. Apparently, excitement, no sleep and just plain old 'something', is not a good combination, because we got to the store (one hour before closing). We jumped out of the car and started to walk to the doors of the store. I realized about 3 steps away from the car that I had forgotten the keys (thank heavens I lock the car with the automatic key ring), so I go back to grab them and the doors are LOCKED. THEN I realize the car is still RUNNING. Yep, I had gotten out of the car without turning it off. Jeff rolls his eyes at me, makes some comment on me settling down...yada yada yada (at least that is what I heard in my head)

DILEMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No problem, I'll just call Steph...oh wait, she is in NEW YORK. Hmmmmmm, oh I'll call my daughter Heather.......ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring "please leave a message"....hang up, try again....ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring "please leave a message"....hmmmmmmmm, maybe she'll answer a text message..."call me please, asap, it's an emergency"....while I wait for the response, I will call Scott, her OFFICIAL fiance, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring "weird sound, leave a message". Five minutes of calling both phones and nothing. Oh, I KNOW, JOHN (Steph's husband), ring, ring, ring, answer, oh ya, he had to work late last night and won't be up for a few more hours.....HMMMMMMMMMMM, who can I call...STACY, (she is doing the painting in our new house) ring, ring...(answered groggily, after OBVIOUSLY being woke up) "Hello" CRISIS ADVERTED...
"Stacy, I locked my keys in the car and need you to go to the old house and get the spare and bring it to me"
"ok, let me get up and get dressed"
"one thing Stacy, the house is locked, so you are going to have to wake Jared up aka MR. GROUCHY in the morning"
"Now you will have to knock on his bedroom window and..."
"Let me call you when I get there"
So Jeff and I wait next to our running vehicle and look towards the skies as a vortex of RAIN CLOUDS gather directly above us...(the sun was shining on the car next to us) Confession time from Jeff after I have mentioned more than once that I always lock the door with the keys and don't even REMEMBER locking them from the door. "You know, I think I locked the doors" YEPPERS, you heard right, apparently Jeff uses the automatic locks on the door to lock the car. Of course, Jeff has just ONE MORE thing to say..."Of course, I didn't leave the keys in the ignition with the car running" ***eye roll*** Then of course, we start laughing because we are dumb asses.
Call from Stacy:
"Okay, which window is Jared's room"
"Back one on the left side"
I hear Stacy climb over the stuff that is next to the house in preparation for moving. Knocks on window, Jared growls and Stacy goes, "okay, got it"
So I run into store while Stacy is at the house.
Phone rings, it's Stacy...laughing,
"Jared slammed the door in my face" more laughter, "OMG, it was the funniest thing"
"I told you he was a grump in the morning and that he growls"
More laughter..."okay, where are the keys?" WOOF, WOOF, WOOF...'vicious puppy barking in background'
"They are hanging in the kitchen, btw, elora won't bite you, BUT she might lick you to death" more laughter
"okay, got them, be there in a minute"

In the meantime, Jeff has taken shelter from the downpour in the front of the store while I get cleaning supplies.

Okay, we have the keys and it is time to head to the closing (15 minutes a way...woo hoo).

Off we go and start signing papers, writers cramp ensues, but we carry on...THEN Jeff realizes that they have spelled his name wrong on some of the pages...well, these are legal documents, so they have to get out an ammendment to show that Jeffery and Jeffrey are the same person, another crisis adverted and we CLOSE.


Off we go to our NEW HOME, where we have Stacy and her husband meet us, so they can start painting.

It is such a beautiful day, Jeff decides to open the windows and turn off the A/C. We start moving and unpacking and the day goes great, about 4 pm, Jeff decides we should turn the A/C on, since it is getting warm and if we are going to sleep here tonight, we don't want it to be hot. A/C back on...hmmmm, is it working? (it is, but apparently not fast enough for Jeff) He starts looking and messing with vents, finally admits it is getting cooler, goes to basement to make sure those vents are on and DISCOVERS, we have NO A/C in the basement and NO vents...gosh, we are so observant.
So off to buy a portable A/C so we can sleep down there...we find one, figure out how it will work, go to pay....DECLINED.........WHAT???? I have over $2000 in that account...hmmm, try again...nothing...well, the bank is closed, I guess we will figure it out in the morning.
Back to the NEW house. Jeff decides he is not sleeping over here, it is TOO HOT, so I make him drag the mattress for the twin bed upstairs for ME, because I AM NOT sleeping at the OLD house EVER AGAIN.
So I sleep IN THE KITCHEN at my NEW house....yes, that is correct...I slept IN THE KITCHEN, with my puppy stealing most of the 'bed'.
Well, it is the next morning (today) I'm up, the bed is back downstairs, Jeff is going to be here at 8 am (oh wait, it is 20 til 9 right now...maybe he'll be late...LOL). I just tried to call him on his phone and ring, ring, ring
"Oh, hi Jared" (he is here at the new house with me.)

Well, I guess the adventure for today has already and appliances are being delivered.
I hope to share some pictures later today (have to find the camera...I took pictures of the closing, but I'm not sure where I put it...probably locked inside my running vehicle...*grin)


Karin Adamczyk said...

This is so hilarious!!!! I think it's great. You have to have a funny story or two to tell about all of this, don't you?

Have fun!!! Karin

suzieQ said...

You guys are hallarious! Take lots of pictures and post often so I can be there without being there! Love you! Wish I was with you!


Gibson_girl5 said...

What a day - at least you can laugh through stuff like that - I'd probably be in intensive care!

Enjoy the new house - can't wait to hear more stories about the move.


nikkinix said...

ROTFL love the commentary... as if I was there :)

Ted said...

Ugh, Klo... you know what irritates me most about this post?!

... is that it ENDED! LOL! I wanted to read more... I can't wait to read more about your adventure...

Oh...and instead of "CLOSE" don't you mean "KLO'S"? ;)

Looking forward to pictures! :)

Janette said...

Sometimes truth is stranger...and funnier than fiction :) Health and happiness in your new house.

Lin said...

This is too funny...congrats on your new abode. :-)

SueR said...

More More funny stories!! I laughed so hard. Amazing what lack of sleep and a little excitement can do to you! Congratulations you home owner you!! Now to make the perfect scrap room!!
luv ya Klo!

Nancy143 said...

Krongrats Klo!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. TOTALLY made my day! LOL