The Garage Door Opener

Friday, July 24, 2009

Okay, so we now have a GARAGE....and a GARAGE DOOR OPENER. This is the kind you get to push a button with, not get out and have to open it manually.

You would think there could not be any problems with something like this...right? Well, I USED to think that, but "not anymore"

Jeff and I had just rounded the corner to our house and I pushed the button for the garage to open. Jeff makes the comment that he would definitely pay to have the garage fixed if we ever lost that, because we really like that feature...MISTAKE #1.

So I pull into the garage...and I should NOTE HERE, I really wasn't planning on testing Jeff's words so quickly. After I pull in the garage, I close the door...wait...I 'attempted' to close the garage door, but it was stopped by the back of my van, isn't that fortunate...*dripping sarcasm here*

Somehow or another...and this is still kind of fuzzy, but I got the door off the van and pulled back out of the garage. Luckily, the door was still attached and not really mangled, and appeared to be fixable by two amateur homeowners...

Well, my door is fixed now, Jeff and I did it and there is now a TENNIS BALL hanging from the ceiling and I will always know when it hits the windshield that I'm there.


Mari said...

Knowing when you're there is

Pam said... are a real trip and I still say that you should write a book!!!LOL