Monday, July 27, 2009

okay my local friends, I NEED your help? You know how my daughter is getting married in December? Well, they moved the date to October 3, 2009....yep, that's right ladies and gents...2 months from now...good thing we only need to do invitations, buy the dress, get the cake topper, do the flowers, do the decorations, order the tuxes, find the not much.

of course, I also need to finish moving in and unpack, go to Colorado to work for a few days, get my convention ready for registration, go to Utah to work for a few days, have my convention...oh and lets not forget that I'm going to South Africa at the end of October...

ANYWAY, the HELP I need is finding a caterer...the kids want Italian food....if you have any recommendations, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know



kelly lautenbach said...

Do you have Valention's there? If so, I know they cater in the Omaha area and they'd be a good choice for price and taste. :)
Good luck. As a mother of the bride last year I can remember the stress of getting it all done... never easy... but in some ways moving it up simplifies the process because you have way less time to "agonize" over every little decision. :)

Klo said...

we have valentino's on the list....but bride is not sure she wants them...*eye roll....LOL... thanks so much

Anonymous said...

I think Macaroni Grill does catering. Hopefully you have one of those in your area.

BTW, my daugther is also getting married on October 3rd! How cool is that!