Moving Update #2

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Did you know that when you buy a house and start actually living in it with your family and dog, that you are going find out there are some little things that don't work quite right or are just different than the old place and that moving has it's own issues?

For instance:
1. Little old ladies that lived in the house before, probably only took baths, so the shower 'switcher doo hickey' won't work, BUT, vinegar, a hammer, a pipe wrench and a little elbow grease will fix it.
2. Drains don't always drain quickly and will cause a puddle in your husbands new office?
3. Garage door openers only work when you USE them.
4. Getting your dh to agree on curtains is a BIG CHALLENGE....I've decided it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission for the remainder of the decorating time.
5. If you make an appointment for furniture/appliances to be delivered, that even if you set them up to not be there at the same time, that they all show up within 5 minutes of each other?
6. That refrigerators can get damaged during shipment, so you have to wait for another week for it to be delivered.
7. That washing machine hook ups that haven't been used in a while can have hard water build up and cause a small leak for an hour or so, but that an ugly towel will keep it from dripping?
8. When buying a dryer, you really should order the vent portion, as well as a plug in?
9. That moving EXHAUSTS puppies?
10. That puppies like to explore new neighborhoods EVERY FREAKING TIME someone forgets to CLOSE THE STUPID DOOR. AND puppies 'all of a sudden' don't remember how to obey?

So, I'm LEARNING alot...*grin. Still have stuff at the old house, but will be having a garage sale over there, so most of that will never need to be packed and moved to the new house, because if it doesn't sale, then it goes to charity.

I'm making my new counter top desk TODAY for my Studio (doesn't that sound 'professional') It is going to go around 3 walls of my room. I will take photos. In fact, I have some, and will at some point post them.


Katie said...

*grins* Sounds like it's been a very educational experience. I can't wait to see pictures as you get things in and setup!

chunkygal said...

It is a fun adventure. I haven't moved in years cause I used to move so often. I say my next move will be the funeral home...but I have been known to eat my words. I remember it being like christmas to put all my stuff away

Brens Designs said...

Ain't it ALL the truth!?! Especially about the puppies not obeying. Have fun in your new home.

crafyjean said...

Welcome to home ownership, isn't it fun?

Gibson_girl5 said...

LOL Klo! Enjoy every moment of the chaos - think of all the great scrapbook pages you'll be able to make out of this experience! Can't wait for the photos.


Anonymous said...

You reminded me about the carpet guy and the furniture guy coming at the exact same time-nothing says moving like having your furniture outside on the grass on blankets while the carpet man tries to get the carpet installed-lol. Thanks for the giggles. Suetta (Diecutsall group)

Pam said...

Oh Klo......this too shall pass!!! You are too funny and ya really ought to write a book!!!

I really do want to see some photos girlfriend!!!