Another Cool Overlay

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I didn't intend to create this. But, I was just messing around, trying a bunch of things and my husband walked in and goes, "Did you make that?" I just said yes, and he says, "Well, it is my favorite so far". So, I decided I better cut it out and add it to my store. The more I look at it, the more I love it. If you like it too, the file is available for download at my store.


Scrapbook Mania said...

I bought the pro after cha and it doesn't seem like i would ever be able to do that with out tearing the paper. any tips? you did a great job.
also, i met one of your partners in crime last night. she was in michigan for her bowling tournament and stopped it.
Thank you for sending these ideas and tutorials. I really appreciate getting all of the help available. I was sad to see that I had missed the rubber stamp lesson. I hope you do it again.

Klo said...

You can totally do something like this. I am planning on doing a rubber stamping tutorial too...just need to sit and work it out...*grin