Out of the Box Tutorial

Thursday, May 22, 2008

This should probably have been my very first tutorial. I discuss how to change your blade, how to prepare your mat for it's first use, load and unload the mat and the basics of using the actual Inspiration machine. I hope this will help some of you that haven't actually started using your machine yet....get it out and start cutting, you have an amazing machine and you can do amazing things with it.


Sally said...

You are the most generous person in the world. You have made dealing with my beloved Pazzles so much easier. The copy should purchase all your tutorials and make them available with their machine. There is such a learning curve to get the Pazzles to do what it was intended.

I haven't looked but I'm sure somewhere there is something that tells me how to add adhesive to the mat without having to purchase them over and over; ie. repositionable spray adhesive? Thank you, thank you, thank you. for your gift to the world of Pazzles. Silly Sal

paula said...


Froggy said...

Hi Klo! I was watching this tut and approx half way through when you got to the mat the screen turned red and stayed red...

Anonymous said...

Hi Klo,

I'm glad I found your video because I am frankly horrified that it is necessary at all and without lovely people like you, I would have thrown my Pazzles (now 5 days old!!) in the bin! If Pazzles were doing their job properly, we wouldn't need to resort to help from elsewhere! I'm in the UK, and help here is hopeless. I have been searching the internet for many many hours lookin for basic help and found your link and Richard's here in the UK. The Pazzles manual is hopeless, and covers such basic things that it's a joke. I ordered tools with my Pazzles and there is absolutely no manual or even a sheet with the to say how you use them, or what settings you should use! I'm really hoping your video (which I haven't watched yet) will help! Keep it up Flo and thank you ! xx

Klo said...

Be sure and check out Pazzles Craft Room as well. They provide a lot of free basic videos and the forums are fabulous. Keep in mind the manual was written 7 years ago. They add updates to the online manual that can be found at www.pazzles.com in the support area.

I am thrilled you found me and will gladly answer any questions.

Also, be sure and join me in my FREE LIVE online classes...I have times set to make sure my UK friends can tune in during regular hours. Just go www.pazzlescraftroom.com, then Community and Klo's Classroom...times and information are there.

cathy said...

Klo: I feel so stupid and very frustrated. I bought my Pazzles Inspiration from you in 2013 at the Manchester NH show. I have only used it once (with great success - boxes for favors) with the help of a very crafty friend.
I am afraid I am a learner who needs someone to show me as I use the computer and the Pazzles at the same time. By the time the videos are done I've forgotten half of what is in it.
David and Tatum have been wonderful for everything I've asked - but it just proves my point that I am a different type of learner.
Is there anyone on this blog in ?Connecticut,
Mass., or Rhode Island that uses the Pazzles maybe in their store?
It seems most of the people around here are using the Silhouette Cameo. I really want this to work because I saw what you did at the show and I believe Pazzles can do almost anything.

I finally am trying to finish one project - some valentine cards and I wish I could have used the pazzles for some shapes etc to make the cards more elegant.

I can try again for Easter and the birthdays coming up, but I am frustrated - by me not the pazzles.

Any ideas for "teachers" close to me/