Using a Pen that doesn't fit in the Pen tool

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I have made a discovery today. I have wanted to use some of my 'fatter' barreled pens with my Inspiration, but the pen tool doesn't hold all of the pens. I love the pen tool for my gel writers, slick writer, galaxy markers, etc...because it is so easy....but in a pinch and for my bigger markers, I'm pretty excited about the possibilities. If you have trouble viewing it here, or would prefer to download it to your computer, please click HERE


Roxi Phillips said...

You are a genius! My old CM markers work, but my new set of SU markers were too big...that's until now! Thanks so much!

Laura said...

What a great idea!
Any ideas for a similar quick-fix on the Mini? (since ours doesn't open the same way?)
I know they sell a fat pen tool attachment that works with the mini -- but I like the price of your idea much better!