Print and Cut Tutorial Part 2

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The first part is the setting up the page and printing it out in the Inspiration Software, this is actually doing the cutting part....Have fun!!!!


Unknown said...

I love your instructions. They really help me as a new user.

Why did you need to make the templet for the Print and cutting of the clip art?

Anonymous said...

You have to make the template so you know where to put the paper with the printed clip art on the mat so it know where the clipart is on the paper in reference to where it is on you computer monitor, otherwise it will not line up.

Klo said...

Ron thank you for answering, somehow I misssed this. I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Klo, great tutorial, once again! I thought that we would use the crop marks to tell the machine where to center the clipart images... I'm going to have to try this as soon as I can! Thanks again for your instructions!! Marta

jacquie criger said...

Ohhhh. Klo!
Thank you so much for posting these tutorials! Tonight, you helped me do something I wasn't even sure was possible!! I truly have a lot to learn, but am thankful that you're here!
I'm so glad I met you (and bought my machine!) during the scrapbookers' convention in Illinois this year!
You are AMAZING!
Thank you! THANK you!! THANK YOU!!!