Add an Image to the Image Gallery aka Blue Book Tutorial

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm someone that does alot of designing away from my cutter. I was thrilled to find an easy way for me to be able to save files to my Image Gallery (thanks Melinda) along with organizing them there. This took the stress off of me needing to go hook up to my cutter every 5 saves (although, I love having those saves too, without having to worry about losing a dongle security key)

Anyway, this is a very basic tutorial on adding your designs to your image gallery/blue book. Remember though, if you want to share your file with a friend, you will need to save it in the wpc format in another file area.


Anonymous said...

This was so simple after watching your video. Thank you so much, Klo. Using my PI is so much easier with people like you who help each of us learn.