Create a Card with Words

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Here is a little project for you to create. Of course, it can be for any occasion. Enjoy!!!


spyder135 said...

When I first saw this, I thought, "I think I know how to do this" WRONG! I learn something from you everytime I watch your tutorials. Thanks for spreading your knowledge once again. I'm excited to try another project of yours!!!

CraftyMomNC said...

I stumbled across your site while looking into the Pazzle's machine. I ordered one and should be here tomorrow. I hope it's worth the investment. I hope to learn the software with ease as well.

I am SO glad I found your tutorials as I have never done scrapbooking and feel a bit overwhelmed. I look forward to learning lots about this highly popular hobby. Your time and efforts to put the tutorials here will come is VERY handy. You do such a wonderful job and I hope you continue to post as often as you can. They are much appreciated. Thank you again and I look forward to checking here often.

Crafty Mom NC

Just call me Silly Sal said...

I just bought a Pazzles a week ago and found your site this a.m. You are amazing. Thank you so very much.

One question: why hasn't anybody made an approximate chart for like name brand papers like Bazzill or StampingUp Paper and listed the blade and the pressure measurements. Or listed the thickness of a paper with a micrometer and what they have found works for them to cut? It would give us a jumping off place to start.

Again, thank you so very much for everything!

Anonymous said...

Hi Klo! I did my second project of yours today, this great card! Makes me so happy it worked. I used the text "Yippee Pippee", because that's how I feel when I am busy with the Pazzles and its software. Your tutorials make things soooow easy! Please keep up the good work and go on making wonderful tutorials with the cutest projects! You give me a lot of joy.

Unknown said...

Love, love your site Klo. Just one seems I'm only getting left part of screen on tutorial. The live feed, etc. stuff runs up side and appears to cut off the right side. Thanks!